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Currently the sponsor system is a bit micro management and doesn't offer a lot of competitiveness or fun. The idea is to reduce (half?) the number of sponsors, to hide them by default from teams and get commercial managers to come up with possible deals. This is similar to how it was in PW1.

But, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the sponsorship system. What do you think would be a fun, competitive system?
May 25, 2020 10:22 am

Belgium Frank Van Laere Pitwall Administrator


Belgium Skylark Racing
Division 1

My ideas that I had scribbled down are these. But I have not really thought the negotiations or discovery process through:

* Reduce number of sponsor slots
* Create a specialisation for an extra section X (tbd, not 1 or 2) slot. Or do this by skills of commercials?
* Remove sponsor relations since it's not maintainable. To be replaced by a general sponsor happiness stat. There will be 3-5 type of sponsor stats, so that sponsors can fit into a certain type of company type. Ranging from Classy (Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari), to youthful and rebellious (Red Bull, HAAS, ...). This will allow us to make more choices on how to position your team marketing wise, and will make that interesting in regards to which sponsors are interested. Moving from one type to the other will cost commercial points and will take some time.
* Drivers get a marketability stat which is an extra influence into a certain company type that is mentioned above.
* Sponsors will be more based on bonusses and not necessarily a fixed amount that is paid out.
* A minimum requirement of certain objectives or the agreement is cancelled?
* Sponsors that go bankrupt or don't pay.
* Remove fans price and replace by merchandise or something.
May 25, 2020 10:29 am

Deleted member

I like scouting sponsors - would give the commercial manager some purpose

I would like a script that shuffles the sponsor values - so the top sponsors get newly rated every x seasons and change based on the sector - e.g. the finance sector has a crisis and the sponsor activity is cut down, maybe even reduce the level from title sponsor to level 4 or lower - best with some text to make this changes appear less random.
this should be long term because it affects planning of finances.

May 25, 2020 10:30 am

I like the ideas. Some input from my side:

*ad drivers (or even staff) marketability: that one should be related to success in their career. And for example to their success in junior categories as well, as they'll create hype around them. And then it can all be combined into one "team marketability" stat depending on which drivers are assgined in the #1, #2 spot (and maybe additionally top designers, mechanics, but drivers would be fine for the beginning). And marketability should not only be determined by success. An obvious trait would be charisma to me, but also ambition and professionalism could play a part.

*ad how to sign sponsors: I like the idea of reduced sponsors, but more importantly reduced slots. I want to send my commercials on a mission to a) improve relations (or whatever, just socialize, that should improve the future conditions/amount of sponsors they can find) OR b) look for a deal. Thats when the commercial gets sent away to talk to sponsors - and returns some time (f.e. a random range of 3 to 5 days) later with a message like "we've got an offer from sponsor A for our engine cover, they'd pay us 500k for 15 weeks. And we have sponsor B that offers 450k for 25 weeks.
You can then either sign that sponsor - or you can tell your commercial to search for better deals or you can tell your commercial to try to improve one of the deals - with the risk of the sponsor signing with another team or the commercial being too aggressive and the sponsor straight up cancelling negotiations.

Thats basically how I imagine a simplified version of real life - would be great if something like that could be implemented.

Other than that I hope that reputiation does play a big role in sponsor income/attraction, if the reputation system is fully working. Some div 1 teams that have been there for a long time clearly would attract more or better sponsors than a div2, div3 yoyo-ing team. BUT it should also be possible for newly promoted teams to get good deals - since there is some hype, at least for one or two seasons.
May 25, 2020 03:51 pm

*ad bankruptcy: yes, please. But with the chance of the teams cancelling the sponsor immediately.

I dont know if its possible, but: would it be possible to implement a certain sponsor balance (like for teams, but for sponsors) - and the sponsor itself gets simulated, maybe also to real life comapnies via stock market shares (of course just the real numbers that get updated every day, but no real company names). So if a reallife company does bad, the sponsor does bad and if its in the red it cant pay teams - or cancelles (for a fee) the sponsorship all by themselfes. Sponsors would need some income in return - that could be linked to the teams success, which connects to the next point:

*min requirement: we already have the min races clause. thats a great start. additionally (when the commercial negotiates, see above) you can set some goals: a podium, a win, or 100 points this season or whatever. that can sweeten the deal, improve condition like income or length - but the sponsor has the right to cancel the contract without a fee if the goals are not met.
the connection to above: if the team raches the objectives, the sponsor will make money and thus not go bankrupt. (unless the stock market crashes :D )
May 25, 2020 03:58 pm

*remove fan prize - also yes. you should still be able to make some decisions like: cheap or expensive products, ect (maybe also linked with team image) - which attracts a certain kind of fanbase. Also, here I'd like a real fanbase that gets simulated. When a team joins they'll have a certain fanbase (100 people, idk) that buy stuff. once you get more successful, you can attract fans from other teams that will now buy stuff from your team instead of the other team. also, there should be a "global fans" stat that determines how many fans there are available globally - that can go up with exciting races (wet, different winners, close championship battles, close relegation battles (points and pace wise) and down (pure dominance of one driver, or one team).

That would make fans feel more realistic and not as gimmicky as it is now.
May 25, 2020 04:03 pm

*While I'm at it: I'd like a small change on price money: add a TV revenue that gets determined for lets say 3 seasons. The price money is then based on TV revenue - fixed income for every team, no matter which position they finish in - 5 million - and some heavy success fee - so it makes sense for teams not to abandon development in week 2.
Maybe even base the success fee on points. 1 point = x money. Thus a DNF hurts. Or abandoning development hurts.

As it goes for everything: TV revenue should be higher in div 1.
May 25, 2020 04:06 pm

Please, more easy sponsors, 3 weeks and i don't have anything! Sponsors for rookies or another thing too.
May 26, 2020 04:39 am

Important message Hector.

I suggest instant signed rookie deals for newcomers. For a season and not every section, just something to make the start a bit easier.
May 26, 2020 09:03 am

All sponsors but don't the principal, and see who is sponsored, because now don't show this.
May 26, 2020 01:20 pm



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