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@Frank: While I love the idea of voting for new rules I think the 500 Admin points is way too much to simply vote for the rules.

I think it should be lower to 100 admin points but even better allow us all a chance to vote so it shouldn't cost anything to vote; while having it 500 admin points or more to suggest a new rule change in the future.

Also I am assuming the new rule suggest need to be put in place by a certain time during previous or current season can you give some insight to what you would see a timeline for new rules suggestion, voting and confirmation of the new rules?

I see it as submitting of new rules in week 13 with voting between week 1 - 5 and week 6 with confirmation or even short time line of submitting in week 1-2 and 3-5 voting and week 6 confirmation.

I still like the change but 500 is a bit much to allow us to vote since that is more then half a starting teams admin points gone in a single vote and I am assuming we could have multiple rules changes per season and multiple votes per season?
June 7, 2020 01:51 pm

I also like this, has the possibillity to contribute to the game as a player. 500 admin points is ok for me, lowering it would make it to easy to make changes. As the rules for next season are already published the outcome of this vote would be for season 24 right?

It would be nice to make more game rules votable, for example the refueling/not refueling rule!
June 7, 2020 02:32 pm

If I do not cast a vote at all, how is it counted? As an abstain?

If I don't cast a vote at all and it's counted as an abstain... then having abstain vote cost 500 administrative points seems a bit too much to me.
June 8, 2020 08:57 pm

my 2ct:
Creating a poll should cost admin points, voting should be free - and the manger votes, not the team. (who should be able to trigger polls anyway?)

spending points on stating an abstain is point less, but costs points :D
June 8, 2020 09:33 pm

It seems that a historical view of votes would be beneficial for the community.

Thinking something like in style of tracker for bugs and features.
June 16, 2020 03:29 pm

I created a poll if the question/answer of the vote was clear:
June 17, 2020 11:09 am

Spending points on abstain is not pointless, as it gives you the possibility to vote with more power next time - as you vote with 2 votes. Or 3, as a maximum.

"If managers vote for, then they agree with all the proposed rule changes, against then they are against obviously, and when they decide to abstain they want to remain neutral but they will keep the vote for a next proposal. Abstaining can be interesting in case you want to save up votes for future proposals where you want to throw more weight into the scale. You can vote with a maximum of 3 votes, and it's not possible to accumulate more than 3 votes." - pitwall news
June 17, 2020 12:43 pm

Ahh, I have to vote abstain in order to accumulate up to three (3) votes.
Then it makes sense that it costs some admin points to vote abstain.

I had one (1) vote before voting.

If I voted abstain, I would after vote have two (2) votes.

If I do not vote, I would after vote still have one (1) vote.

If I do collect say three (3) votes and a new vote comes out...
I do not vote abstain...

Will I keep my three (3) votes?
Or will it go back to one (1) vote next topic?
June 17, 2020 02:51 pm



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