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Japan Robert Bouchard

Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan

Japan Gaikoku-hito CJ Racing Team
Division 2.4

Was thinking about this last night when riding my newspaper job and I really like the changes to the strategy beta but I think you are providing too much information with the tire compounds data. while I understand why can we maybe have this linked to the strength of our Head Mechanic or Mechanic department so that it may not be 100% accurate?

The tire data also shows a flaw within the tires performance as I was stating prior to the changes that the tires actually follow a linear decreasing line rather then an arching line. Most tires would need to be warmed to find the optimal temperature/window so that the arch would start lower then the peak period of performance after a lap our two before arching back towards the other compounds.This also shows that we need possible more tire compounds as the soft are only qualifying tires and with this new data it shows the cross over period; which is too much data unless in not accurate all the time.

Can we look at adding Super Softs, Softs, Mediums, Hards and Maybe even very hards?

With the new politics added to the game allow us to vote on the different compounds that we have available to us during the season so we might have say all five compounds or a three compounds in two different combinations liek VS, S & M or S, M & H or M & H & VH?

Otherwise I like the changes and the more data means I won't need to run my spreadsheet any more!! RIP Pitwall spreadsheet!! RIP!!
June 8, 2020 12:10 pm

I don't necessarily want more tyre compunds, as even F1 backed down on that because the naming is pretty bad - what I would like to see are different compounds (S, M, H) for each track. So at a track where deg is high the softs are harder, and vice versa. Right now I always know in advance which tyre I'm going to race - a random tyre selection for each track could spice things up.
June 9, 2020 09:00 am

Japan Robert Bouchard

Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan

Japan Gaikoku-hito CJ Racing Team
Division 2.4

I am not 100% what you are saying but I am think you are say that the tires should have a sliding scale to performance due to temperature track lay-out?

So say cold track around 20c means soft would be better option due to burning off less? And a hot track a Hard tire might be the best due to lasting longer in the hot temperatures compared to the softer tires?
June 9, 2020 02:32 pm

what I meant, sorry for not making it clear enough, was just that I dont want more tyre options, as S,M,H,I and W is plenty. But I am fine with the soft tyre being different at every track - just like in F1 - where the compunds go from C1 to C5 and being named soft, medium, hard. No matter if C5 is soft or C3 is soft.

In a nutshell: grip and degredation values for each compound (S,M,H) changes depending on track - meaning the supplier selects the "correct" tyre compund for a track and names the softest tyre soft, and the hardest tyre hard.
It would just be mimicking Pirelli in F1.

Click me!
June 9, 2020 07:13 pm

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A white line on almost white background is bright - please change the color on the diagram to something that has contrast to the background
June 10, 2020 05:24 pm



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