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Japan Robert Bouchard

Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan

377 races

4 championships

15 wins

83 podiums

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Japan Gaikoku-hito CJ Racing Team
Division 3.16

I was looking around for new staff members today and I am either missing something or something is working correctly.

When looking at staff member we see:

Knowledge: %
Rating from 0-5 stars
Potential from 0-5 stars
Talent from 0-5 stars

But I either don't know what they represent or are not representing what I think they should be representing.

They also seem to randomly change when looking at staff member from Job Market to what they actually are once signed. As I just signed what I thought was an 5 star potential with around 3 star talent but now he shows as 2 star potential and 1 star talent.

* Think I might have found the answer as I write this but please someone confirm.

It is the difference between seeing the staff member at X/20 versus seeing the staff member at different numbers; currently at X/10 so the stars are simply shown differently on the two pages? This would be silly if this is the cases.

So assuming I am right then on the staff page they should only go as high has 3 stars?
Nope, it is due to not having 100% knowledge yet of the staff member so only show some of the information/lacking information on the staff members.

But why can we see more when on the Job Market versus once they have signed for the teams and on the staff page? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Or at least match from one page to the next.
June 10, 2020 09:30 am



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