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Just a quick question. Are engine mode changes allowed during the race? I set in my strategy to change the engine mode through the race but during the race it didnt actually change and the driver ran out of fuel. Is this a rule or something I have done wrong? Thanks!
August 23, 2020 04:57 pm

I was able to change during week 4 race, on the Strategy page.

There is a restriction, show as darker grey, on which laps you may change from.
Eg you cannot change current or next lap.
August 24, 2020 01:34 pm

You can change engine modes throughout the race but they change at the beginning of lap plus fuel can be +/- 0.1 or 0.2 depending on the driver ability. Spins, tire wear and simple longer then normal lap times cause more fuel to be burnt. These could have all played a role in fuel issues. Rule of thumb is play it safe with fuel as fuel doesn't make a huge difference in overall race pace if you are within 10L by the finish.

I also suggest testing your engine setting and driver setting to see the effects more.

Did you try to adjust during the race? As there is a delay from page to race script so isn't very accurate and can cause a lot of issues so most simple set and leave it alone due to these issues.
August 25, 2020 09:42 am

Republic Of Korea Luke Butcher Pitwall Supporter


Republic Of Korea Seoul Racers
Division 2.4

Thanks for all the replies!

I changed pre-race on Friday after using the generate strategy. The plan was to lower engine setting mid-race. The engine setting was changed on the strategy page but when I look at the stint information, the engine mode was always 85% instead of changing to 70% in the race. I wonder if some error was there that caused it not to change as planned OR I have made an error in the timings on my changes.

If there is no big difference (0.1 or 0.2 as suggested) it sounds like from now on just being cautious and changing the driver instructions over engine mode is better. Still, I will send screenshots to the support email just in case there is an error in the coding some place.

No big issues anyway. Thanks for all the help!
August 26, 2020 09:46 am



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