Beginner guide

How to start in Pitwall
Congratulations, you started your career in Pitwall
Step 1:

Create a new team vs take over an existing team
In case there are existing teams it can be a valid shortcut, but with potential downsides.

New team:
A new team has the benefit that you can start from scratch and make your own decisions like – what is the team name, where is the team located.
None of this decisions will change the way the team performs, it does not have an influence on how much money you make or who will sign with your team, but it is a basic for your attachment to the team. Read the whole thing before you click 😉
Choose your teams name wisely because there is no way to change the team name or location (so far, there is a tracker for a change request, but it might take years, if it is implemented at all, or it already can be implemented by the time you read this)
Select a division your team will start in. An empty division kind of guarantee you to win each and every race with minimum effort, but it is quite boring over time. A season has 13 weeks, which can be a long time. So before you sign in it might be a good idea which divisions have free spots. When you do so check the history of the teams in the division, check if the managers were online recently or if they are inactive for a longer time and sort out the division you want to start to.
The benefit of an empty division is to make a horse load of money, but, as said, it can be very boring.
The plus side of a crowed division is to have much more fun and learn about the game mechanism, but your income will be much smaller.

Take over team:
In case any exist –
Criteria that make an existing team interesting:
Private or public – teams can sell shares, this is an irreversible step which generates a lot of money, but makes the job more “risky” because stakeholder can fire manager. The team can not buy back the shares.
HQ the higher the figure the better – it takes a long time to build this heat quarters. Small head quarters have little space for staff, so development, productions and all other areas of the team will be much slower. Big HQ need much more money to maintain.
Staff and drivers:
The team might have personal hired, maybe even real good once. It is hard to find good personal these days, they could also be some ….

However you decide, the tutorial will stick with the new team to give you an overview of the next steps:
So you are going for your own, brand new team. Fine – you have a fancy name, a nice location and a division – great.
Now you can do a team presentation…
A little cheap one or a super massive?
The cheaper the presentation the smaller the sponsor interest generated, you will need sponsors when you want to burn some money, when you want to go slow and steady you might need less money, when you try to get the big fish fast you need more money.
The presentation also cost something called “administration points” – those points are time equivalent and generated on a time based algorithm. With a new team the capacity is little, with time and more resources the point income will increase.
At the start you have many points as a starter packet to get the team up and running in no time, but it takes long to refill those points, weeks to be more precisely, real weeks. So think twice before throwing the biggest presentation ever. You might need those admin points for hiring personal, signing contracts with suppliers.

As mentioned, the bigger the better but start with the smallest. The reason is simple, you have to wait until the hq is build and that can take up to half a year. You can not wait half a year because a, boring and b, you have to pay for the HQ.
So start with the HQ1 – it is free and done immediately. You can come back to the facilities page later or make yourself some stress by starting a to build a bigger hq (after you build HQ1) – NO MONEY REFUND in case you start and cancel a HQx
Smaller HQ are build faster, you can start earlier with more income, but you pay extra and it takes longer to get the max. HQ, which might not be the best thing for you anyways (super expensive on a weekly basis) – so why not let the HQ decision let rest for now and focus on other stuff?

You need at least one designer, one mechanic and one commercial to build a car, do negotiations with suppliers and sponsors – and you have 5 spots – so you can have 5 person work for you at the same time.
With 2 semi descent designers it is possible to build a semi decent car, same goes for one much better designer, 3 is better but takes 3 spots…
Same goes for mechanic who build the designs, when the single mechanic is not the brightest the produced parts may be much worse than the design.
Commercials: the better the easier to get good sponsorship deals, the worse the commercial the smaller the income – so a good commercial is worth his or her wage…
But how to recognize a skilled person? One way is to hire a scout, assign reports to be created and evaluate those - but that takes a long time, a spot or more from the team and is as reliable as the scout is – who can be a an idiot giving you incorrect reports – and to make it worse, you need multiple reports on the person AND those reports are forgotten quite fast – so you the information the scout collected is lost after some weeks – later scouts can be very helpful…
There are some other indicators that might help, but roughly not much information if any.
Experience is such an indicator – the more the better
Personal attributes – designer should be intelligent, ambitious and professional. Commercial need charisma.
From some you might get some info on skills, the higher the better – top is 20/20 – most likely you see something like x/5 or x/10 – this depends on how well the person is known in general.
To search for a person go to the job market, set the filter to the desired area – eg. Designers, with or without an academic title and sort the result – maybe you want more experience staff, maybe younger with more potential – up to you..

You found someone interesting? Click “approach” to find out how much the person is charging for his services.
There are two categories you want to consider: weekly wage and bonus payments – triple check that there is no typo in the figures you enter – of course a 5000000 bonus is nice for wining a race, but it will drive your team to bankruptcy. And if the shooting star is asking for to much money make sure you can generate the income.
My 2ct – in the first two seasons, cheaper is better, build up money, learn, race but don’t thing at titles yet. Div 1 has to wait a bit… go in loud and expensive is also an option that can work… but also can fail..
Unemployed persons are much much cheaper, and you can offer less then they ask, and they still accept. Employed persons ask for a lot and are not flexible in negotiations…

More or less the same – there are two categories, youth drivers (under 18) and drivers.
Once driver reach an individual set age they will get slower, passed their peak, but when they are green they need time to reach it.
To compete in races you need two main drivers >= 16 years old.
Many skills, none shown. It is fishing in the dark as with staff.
When you are lucky and it is week 1, 2 or 8 you can hire up to 3 driver (in a week) as guest driver to evaluate the driver. Keep in eye if the person is motivated and what the moral level is. This influences the performance massively and evolves over time. So don’t be to hard on the performance.

You hired staff, assigned them to the roles (staff page), you have at least one head designer and one head mechanic assigned?
So you are good to let your first car be designed.
Go do Development page and start with the chassis
Long, medium, short? All have up and downs depending on track and other factors. You can find out about that later, now you want to build on car, and it will be heavy and slow – why? Cause the research level is at the initial values, which might be better than the designer you hired. Shocking – but even the designer can improve, e.g. when moral and motivation is down ..
Don’t worry, the car can be able to see the finish line…
When you design you can do “test bed” – that is a nice feature, for later, now it is just a bunch of points you spend to know that your car is ~10-25% rated – so worthless information, especially when you can not build unlimited amount of designs. 2000 design points can be spend to fast, and then you can not race cause a part or two is missing. (wait for more points, days, weeks,… )
You can let the parts be produced in the same step, or do that later, or let more parts be produced later – I recommend 2 of a kind but 4 gearboxes – and reliable gearboxes, they are the weak spot in the first design.. super frustrating when your car does not finish because of a broken gearbox,…

Engines, tires, fuel and brakes are parts you have to buy. You can not produce them. Sure the Facami engine might be the best on the marked, or maybe the Medari – but they are expensive, twice – much money, many points – the last in the list is cheap and will bring you to the finish line as well, just … later.
But serious, you might again run out of points signing the best suppliers and then miss a part or two, and then you wait, for days, weeks….

Buy engines (mind the limits over the season), tires (limits over the week – check track conditions first – it is possible to run with slick on a wet track but super slow. Check training, qualifying and strategy,.. for training don’t buy to many tires . maybe start with 2-4 … you figure it out)
Brakes… create a car, assign the driver and the parts and hit the road – unless it is Monday or Tuesday, maybe Sunday (and you did not qualify, d’oh)

test day – week 1,2,8 or any Wednesday or Thursday
Go to the testing page and let the driver do an installation lap to get an idea of the fuel usage – best result – super heavy, super slow – save the car, lowest engine setting – why? To finish first you have to finish first… when your car brakes down you wont finish at all…
So you let your drivers drive and collect data – a decent driver gets all info in 60-100 laps, but you can work with less – testing cost money, per lap.
Benefit: more info on the car, you need that to evolve the parts
Better setup
Faster lap times
Better understanding on fuel usage / driver and fuel on board. Fuel usage is dynamic, not much on the lowest settings, but on fast laps you notice the difference..

Friday Saturday, qualifying
– check the weather, assign the best parts and do a hot lap – max out everything
Recommended – after the qualifying – set the strategy – many good manager forgot that and found their team stranded without fuel and wrong tires…
If you have not done yet, check if refuel the car is allowed, if not set the fuel and engine mapping according to fuel consumption and race length so you can finish the race..

Buy the tires you need for the race, check if the engine, gearbox, brakes can go the distance – renew them if you need to, but consider season limits

Race day:
You can watch live, or see the result later – not yet an review option implanted…
When you feel the urge to change settings, pit stops during the race – do that at least one lap in advance, the order might get in to late and might be ignored…

Money make the world go around - so your team need income. Sponsors are crucial in the financial survival of the team. there are 5 categories of sponsors - title sponsor to 1 star minion sponsors.
all need far to many points and once a manager signs the last available slot of the sponsor the sponsor is gone and all points invested are lost - so concider what risk you want to take.
more money, more honey - the wealthiest title sponsor can bring more than 4 millions/ week to your team - enoguh to run opperations with a small team, actually more than enough, but need more points and a good commercial. some sponsors negotiate, so you can ask for more money, some dont .. read the feedback message to find out why the offer is to low - can be money, time, not known enough.. you can invest points to raise the interesst, or to slowly fill the interest of the sponsor to support your team. invest in relations pays off until the relation is superb - after that it does not help to much.
Once you might find yourself in the position that all sponsor slots are filled but your commercials generate more commercial points. How to spend them? You can invest points in relations for future contracts or maybe even negotiate with sponsors for future seasons - up to 2 seasons ahead - BUT BE AWARE - sponsors which might want to sign with a division 2 team in this season is not guarantee that they will do so in the next season.

Fans bring money, whey you charge for suppliership - when you ask to much, less fans will join, if you ask for to little you will get less money - when you score big time in the race many fans will join, when you dont score points or dont finish the race, little money will come. consider that when you try a risky strategy - you might loose some millions, besides other effects

A fast way to make money is to sell shares of the team- depending on what you have achieved so far you can generate 50-400 millions for selling the shares, maybe more. you can also give them away for free (when you sell the shares of a new team but the team was not entered in a division yet, super bad stuff)
Once you sold the shares there is no way back - read the downsides first - the upside you already read ;)
-others can buy your shares and fire you (for no reason)
-the team can not buy shares back
-you can buy shares from your team as private person - but that can get very expensive (anekedot - I once had a team in div 1 with financial troubles, so I sold all shares for ~300 millions, and since I had almost 2 billions in private money (the issue caused that is fixed)- I bought all of my teams shares - cost me over 1 billion - when I sold the shares I got less than 10 millions (caused by another issue, not solved yet... or?)
- you can not control the wage of yourself any longer - not an issue? maybe not now, but when you are successfull your wage will go up - and the team will suffer - again I had an income of 700k/week... at least you can invest 10 millions/season into the team with -20% intresst (yes, negative, you get less money back than invested) - but a loose loose business for team and manager

you can have 1 loan - the interest are terrible, but payed at once. Improtant, you can not pay back early to get a bigger loan- so when you ask for 1 million pay back in 39 weeks, the loan business is closed until the 39 weeks passed.

to much money? you can invest some money and get some peanuts - but you can not spend the money - so to save some money for later you can park it here... if you have some, if you want...

Youth program
If you want you can start a youth program - all you need for that is a coach (another spot used, less designers, mechanics...) and youth drivers
Youth driver may or may not be talented, but again there is so little information on them. will you find the next big star?
on the plus side, youth drivers can be hired for almost no money, so if they fail you can simple fire them without loosing to much money
criterias to find a gem - intelligence, profisionalim, ambition ..
when a youth drivers was sacked there might be a reason for that

when you have the coach and driver assign them to their spots on staff and driver page and everything else is done automatically. so no need to assign the drivers to a car, do testing, qualifying, strategy. when the youth drivers do not participate on the youth races it is most likely cause the coach is not assigned to the role CHIEF coach.

my personal advice focus on very young drivers - 3-9 years old, it takes ages until they improve and are ready for the big action.

after some time you might want to improve your car - the most efficient way is to build parts based on the parts you developed on the start. To do so the parts must be used in testing and races until the potential is unraveled. until then it does not make any sense to improve parts because they turn out to be worse. once you hit the 100% known they are good to go.
if you have not found out yet which part is the one breaks more often than others - spoiler: gearbox - you have been lucky - check your weak spots, improve your strengths - many ways to improve the car in general - so try to find your way.
side note - the ratings on the car page are not 100% accurate, may this info is outdated by now, hope so.

random stuff:
something is fishy? less points as expected? maybe there was an incident with the server/hour update - check the status page before you write a helpdesk ticket

Helpdesk ticket - check the chat first!

questions? problems? write in the chat - get information from your friendly managers from the neighborhood. you should get some answers "fast", depending on your local time zone and the nature of your question. - did not work out, or the answer was - write a helpdesk ticket?

Helpdesk ticket:
it may occur that you want to write a helpdesk ticket - e.g. you payed for supporter ship but the features are not activated yet. the sponsor you want to sign agrees with the conditions and you have enough points but the sponsor does not sign, or you found a nasty bug?
well the more precise you tell us the problem the better, faster, efficient we can help you - and the more likely we will read your helpdesk ticket (evil laugh)
but seriously, admins are volunteers who help other, within their very limited powers, to solve issues- it can take some time, and the more confuse the ticket is the more time is needed to find the root cause of the problem - and that can lead to periodization not in your favor.

bad info: sponsor does not sign... the end

qood info: sponsor blablabla starting season 17 to 20 does not sign, enough points, stuck sice [your date here]

Guide from staff page:
When we talk about staff in Pitwall sadly we are dropping the most important tag. What we mean when we say staff we for the most part are talking about the head staff members on our teams. Not the every day workers on the team; which we also need to assign but they take their leads for "The Staff" or "heads"

So we have five main staff with three having staff personnel under them. The first three are vital to your team success while the other two lead towards your teams future success. The staffs are as follows:

1. Designer - Design all aspect of your car (blueprints)
2. Commercial - Responsible for negotiating contracts with suppliers & sponsors.
3. Mechanic - Responsible for pit crews & production of parts
4. Coach - responsible for developing your youth drivers into future stars.
5. Scout - searches for the next great staff member or youth driver.

First things first you must sign at least the first three staff members to do this you must head to [Divisions] tab and [Job Market]. When starting a team sign any staff member will do until you can hire a scout and start looking at more stats for each staff. Sign them as cheap as possible (red = good) and short term contracts like a season or two most since you will want to replace them once you find better staff members.

Do this now and come back !!

Now that you have staff signed you will see the Staff Pool at the top of this page. This table shows all the staff that you have signed, contracted role, if assigned a role, wage, length, if willing to talk new contact, morale, motivation & experience. This is simple a quick over view of your signed staff members.

We must assign them to the roles that you have hired them to do. This is done right below this table on the left side of the page where it states Roles; you will also see the five main staff listed here and you can assign them their roles by clicking the box that states [No designer]. Click this will list all your staff members including sadly drivers. Find your designer and select his/her name. Make sure to click [Update roles] otherwise they will not be assigned.

Repeat this for any of the staff members that you have signed from designer, commercial, mechanic, coach & scout. Again make sure to click [Update Role]

Okay, now lets talk about a very important part of the staff page. The Levels table on the right side of the page. This is where you the manager set the level of focus for your team from design, mechanic, commercial, coaching & scouting. If you have all five staff signed they will not perform their task if they have 0% focus on their department. Keep this is mind for scouts & coaches if & when you sign them.

You have 100% focus that can be split between these five staff members. So what do they do you might be asking? Well, I am getting there!!

These are auto set when your team is first created to the three most important aspects of your team: Design, Mechanic & commercial at 33%. So let me explain quickly which each means:

Design focus means stronger & quicker designs that your designer can make speeding through the different development cycles. Good for season long development push if set high but set to low will effect overall development.

Mechanic focus means the production speed of parts and how fast your mechanics preform at the track during pit stops. Set high means quick production & stops but set to low means long production & slow stops. Could mean the difference of winning or finishing last.

Commercial focus means the speed at which sponsors gain interest in your team, sign contacts and suppliers sign contracts. Set high means higher chance a success of sign the suppliers & sponsors your team needs verus to low and not having a chance.

Coach focus means the rate in which youth drivers develop. An high potential driver may never reach his full potential if he isn’t given the right amount of coaching. Cannot really be set to high other then effecting the more vital areas above.

Scout foucs means the amount of scout reports that you will receive in a week. Drivers are different, as they must race before as scout report will be generated usually Tuesdays. All other staff can be scouted throughout the week. Again cannot really be set to high other then effecting the more vital areas.

So how do most set-up their levels? Good question, it depends on what your goals are for the season or short/long term.

Quick development & race results: 60%, 30%, 5%,
Future development & staff finding: 20%, 15%, 5%, 30%, 30%
Starting a team & signing Sponsors: 10%, 10%, 70%, 5%, 5%

Play around with these to find out what works best for your goals and your team as no one answer is correct. Everyone uses what they feel is best for their own team.

Last part of the page before I go more into details about the staff; is Staff Personnel. These are the foot soldiers of your team as they work under your staff (heads). Here you have the three vital parts of your team from again designers, mechanics & commercial. When you are starting up a team you should have more commercial then designers & mechanics to help you sign the sponsors and suppliers that you need. As your commercial aspect balances out you can always fire staff members from your commercial and hire into design or mechanic as you see fit.

If you haven’t built your HQ yet you will need to do this first before being able to sign staff members. Please head to [Facilities] tab and click [build HQ] button. HQ will build instantly and allow you to sign 100 personnel. This can be increase by building larger HQ & Modules in the future.

To hire designers beside the word hire is a [blank box] type in the amount you want to hire and click [update] button below the designer heading. The page should refresh and show “currently have X amount of designers in our team” below the designer heading.

Repeat this for the three areas: designers, mechanics & commercial. Normal start-up breakdown of staff is: 20 designers, 20 Mechanics & 60 commercial. Adjust as needed.

Okay, now for more detail about the staff. This is after your team is up & running with stable sponsorship income. You can now start looking for better staff members to start pushing your team progress forward to becoming the greatest team ever!!

This starts with a Scout; yes, I know I said he wasn’t that vital but to fully understand the staffs stats; he becomes important and this will take time.

You must start looking or a new staff member by scouting as many as you can but before you do that understand what clues & each stat means:

First you will need to hire any scout that you think looks good again this is done on [Divison] tab and then [Job Market] tab.

Once you have a scout signed make sure to assign focus to his department otherwise his reports will come back empty. First role to scout is a scout!! You scout cannot scout him/her self but you will want to find the best scout available before hunting for other staff members as they may give inaccurate data if they are not that good.


All staffs are made of three main stats with experience always being one, with the two others being the key focus for each staff. Scouts have determine & Professionalism.

Determine: is the scouts ability to determine if the staff or driver is any good. He will give a star rating but as far as we have figured out this is based only on the drivers ability so when scouting staff this should be ignored. This also means how many times he might need to scout someone before he shows clear & accurate stats.

Professionalism: means the likely hood that your scout is give accurate information about a staff member or driver scouted.

The higher the better; these stats are displayed 1-3 or Terrible, Okay & Superb but they are actually rated from 1-8 or terrible, very bad, bad, unsure, okay, good, very good & superb.

After time you have found a good scout so now scout some other staff members:
This is done by either the [Scout] tab if random scouting or [Job Market] tab then select staff that you would like to scout by clicking on their [name] and [Add to scout queue] button near the top of the page.

Now it's best to understand what each staff does and how each stat represents what he actually does.

Let me expand on the three vital staff members since they play such a large role in the success of your team:

Designers like all staff are made of three key attributes starting with experience, reproductive & inventive. These stats are hidden when you first look at the designer with the exception of experience. So what does these stats mean?

Experience simple means the amount of knowledge or starting point that your designer has. This will grow every time he create more designs so having a superb experienced designer isn’t a must but does play a role in the starting point of your designs.

Experience is rated from 1- 5 or Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good & Superb

Reproductive: is the rate that a designer & his personnel can create blueprints. This is limited by the fact that you will need to produce parts & test them to know the design/blue prints potential before you can continue development of this part. But this means short time in design to production to potential to new design. Again like experience this will grow after time so having an all superb reproductive isn’t a must but again it plays a role in the start base of your designs.

Inventive: is how creative your designer will be with the design and sets the potential or base of each part. This is by far the most important stat but alone will not help you design a superb car.

Reproductive & Inventive are rated from 1-3 or Terrible, Okay & Superb but they are actually rated from 1-8 or terrible, very bad, bad, unsure, okay, good, very good & superb. With these stats hidden you are only given a hint as to where your designer stands.

Further clues are in his Personality: If he is superb across the board in personality & Gifted then he is almost always an all superb but may take time to develop due to his inexperience or age.

Key clues for Designer are as follows:
1. Intelligence – smart he is the more likely the has high stat in inventive
2. Ambitious – willing to prove him/her self so good combination of inventive & reproductive
3. Motivation – Higher the motivation means faster or more effective work
ie. Reproductive.
4. Morale – Effects the overall mood of the staff and ability to perform at the top of their level; more a driver stat but still something to consider since it will effect other departments with synergy.


This staff is by far one of the most if not the most important staff member in the game as they bring in the cash from the sponsors but also work out cheaper deals with the suppliers limiting the cash flowing as well.

Again staff members are made of three key stats for commercial they are experience, contracts & persuade.

is basically the same for all staff members. The more experienced they are the better the do their job to their abilities. This builds up over time.

Contracts: is the ability to negotiate from a set starting point or ability to start at all since not all sponsors or suppliers will allow any team to talk to them.

Persuade: ability to increase sponsorship amount and decrease the amount of suppliers cost. Ability to no offence persuade each into what you want rather then what they want.

Contacts & Persuade are rated from 1-3 or Terrible, Okay & Superb but they are actually rated from 1-8 or terrible, very bad, bad, unsure, okay, good, very good & superb to stop managers from simple finding an all Superb commercial. With these stats hidden you are only given a hint as to where your commercial stands.

Key clues for commercial are as follows:
1. Charisma – people simple like him/her means so will the sponsors or suppliers. High persuade & contracts
2. Ambitious – willing to go the extra mile for the supplier or sponsor means greater persuade
3. Intelligence – smart & won’t settle for less then the worth, maybe even out wit the other negotiator for the supplier or sponsors.


Mechanic produces your cars parts and hopefully produces in the pits when they fuel your car & change tires. They are also made of three stats again experience, disciple & pit stops.

Disciple is simple how well your mechanics work together means faster produced parts & faster pit stops.

Pits Stopsis simple how well they perform at pit stops during the race.

Both stats are shown in the same format of 1-3 or Terrible, Oaky & Superb but really are in the format of 1-8 or terrible, very bad, bad, unsure, okay, good, very good & superb.

Key clues for Mechanic are as follows:
1. Professionalism – ability to keep a disciple crew
2. Ambitious – willing to go the extra mile for the supplier or sponsor means greater persuade
3. Motivation – ability to complete the work in a timely manger and to motivate his crew.


Last is the coach and they only have two stats; Coaching and Judge ability. Coaching indicates his ability to coach the youth drivers and help them develop. Apart from coaching youth drivers, coaches can now (see this article) show you an indication of the skills of your staff who are currently employed by your team. This doesn't substitute scouting but gives a basic idea of the staff member's skills without having to scout the staff member multiple times. The higher the experience of the coach and his judge ability the better the indication of the skill members will be.

Hopefully this helps you understand the complex nature of the staff and what their stats means. Hopefully you also find some good staff members!!

If you need any further help be sure to ask question in the forums as other managers are always willing to help!!

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