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Season 23

Welcome to season 23 everyone! This season was supposed to be the season of the introduction of Parc fermé, but the majority of managers have decided that this rule change should not be adopted and this was of course respected.

Just like in real world, there's a crisis raging in Pitwall. We've had to adopt our calendar to the situation where we can't travel. Therefore, there will be races this season where we race on a track that we've already raced on. Also, the races are in the European area to reduce the amount of travel. Normally, hopefully, things should be back to normal next season.

Suppliers have also been affected, and we've seen the first big changes in suppliers since the leaving and joining of suppliers was announced. Which supplier leaves and joins is determined and discussed by the admins, with me having the final say. The page on the admin panel where we can make changes to who joins/leaves was updated and improved last season to make sure that no changes can be made to suppliers joining or leaving for the next season and the season after that. This was necessary, since if we would make changes now for suppliers of next season, then there would be no warning message for the managers. This is what happened. Changes were made last season for this season (we obviously hadn't thought about the pull out mechanism), and because of this there was no news center announcement for some of the suppliers that pulled out.
Obviously this was our bad, but we won't be making any other changes (refund of admin points, re-instating suppliers, changing supplier contracts, ...) since the game functionality worked as intended, there was just no announcement. In real life this happens as well (many examples to sum up). I will make some changes to the supplier pages so that it's clear which supplier is pulling back.

Enjoy season 23! The focus is still on the race script, and we should have some more changes and fixes (to youth races) coming up to that soon.

July 27, 2020 03:25 pm