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Season 24 rules published

The rules for season 24 have just been published. Car wise and racing wise nothing much has been changed. The biggest change is in the prize money. It has been increased quite a lot, but this is coupled with a gameplay change which means that from now on the prize money paid out will vary from division to division. The highest division (1) will get 100% of the stated prize money. Division 2 will get 65%, and division 3 gets 40%. The reason for this change is as it only makes sense since development costs more in the higher division, and we don't want to encourage teams to sandbag in the lower divisions.

Another rule change has been introduced which specifies how many drivers can take part in a session of the same team. Currently this is unlimited which means that a team could run as many different drivers as they want per session by swapping them over all the time in the car. From season 24 this will be limited to 3 drivers in the normal week sessions, and to 2 drivers in the off season testing only weeks. This does not mean that you need to drive with your first and second driver. You can still drive with 2 youth drivers in the testing only weeks. You just need to choose which driver you want to drive with.
From next week on a driver will also be able to participate in just 1 race session per week. This change was necessary to prevent drivers from participating in multiple race sessions per weekend, and potentially gaining much more driver training than was originally planned. This would lead to overpowered youth drivers, which is something that was reduced in recent changes.

The racescript has also had a small tweak, but that change will also be introduced just next week. The pitstop errors were too uncommon and they have been slightly increased. This will make the pit stop practice multiplier more important again.

There have been calls to re-allow refueling, so we will run a politics decision on that this week. It will mean that refueling in the race is allowed again. Since if we push that through I want to keep strategies open, we will not reduce the maximum fuel tank size so that people can still try to finish a race with really short pitstops.

August 15, 2020 11:28 am