1. The terms can be changed anytime.
  2. Hacking any of the Pitwall servers is illegal.
  3. Exploiting a bug in your advantage or in anyone elses advantage without letting the administration know is considered cheating and thus illegal.
  4. Spamming in the forum or on any other medium on Pitwall is prohibited.
  5. The filled out information at the registration process has to be correct.
  6. It's prohibited to have more than one Pitwall account. Playing with multiple teams will result in having all your teams banned.
  7. Spam, illegal software, illegal hardware, pornography, flaming other members, racism, ... are not allowed on the website or forum.
  8. English is the spoken language on the Pitwall website and global forum. On national forums only the countries' official languages are allowed.
  9. When uploading a car livery you agree that your car livery is not stolen from someone, nor contains a virus or any other program, nor is offensive to other people.
  10. It's illegal to transfer money between other teams.
  11. Automated scripts contacting the server aren't allowed. There is an API available for everyone who is interested in the Pitwall data.
  12. Selling your team for real money (euros, dollars, and any other real life currency) is forbidden.