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The Desk - News - comment link doesn't have an URL so i was unable to say I love you!!

I was going to post the comment about allowing us to decide the rules from season to season at a cost of Admin points earlier today but I didn't like the way the post was written so decided to write it again but never got around to doing it. So thank you for saving me a lot of time and I love the idea of us voting for the new rules.

We will also look for these to be expanded in the future to add things like:
- reverse grids
- Grids determined by Championship standings

I have other ideas about making the game more interactive that I also wrote but didn't like so will need to find time to write then post in the near future but hopefully you will once again beat me to the punch.

Great Job Frank.

P.S. Oh, yeah please fix the link to the comments on the new section!! :p
June 7, 2020 01:36 pm



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